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this is not a love song this is not a poem
take a break today and create something
take a break today and create something
your portal to a wordy spring
i had this therapist who had a certain expression when i talked about death & probably they did not realize it only i did i can have my head on your…
You'll know it's spring and possibly time to change when you hear the meadowlarks song in the soft, early Ohio dawn. They say a male meadowlark is a…

February 2023

zoom/grief/writing promptsAnyone gonna come tonight? <3 Topic: ATS: 1000 hours Kick Off Time: Feb 22, 2023, 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https:…
I was thinking about what mattered most to me this past week. It was joy. It was mouthfuls of laughter and seeing my children look happier lately. It…
Also: Linda Pastan was a badass
Somewhere everything all lines up
It’s time again, let’s get creative. Let’s crack you open. Let’s make you feel something. Don’t be stuck. Come along with me. I’ve got you I’ve got your…