ty so much it is so beautiful

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The chances of being alive are 1:400,000,000,000,000. As described by Google machine, one in 400 trillion

The fact we are alive today on Earth is impressively impossible

Outlandish to believe an indisputable stretch of survival and sex of ancestors, reaching back billions of years to single-celled organisms... reaching forward to parent's meeting and lovemaking at a certain time with a single sperm and an egg to create a singular set of genes

Reality can be corroborated by science....how to comprehend human existence is as simple as understanding mathematics —something to interpret that is incredibly complex and requires a lot of analysis

The beneficiary of life is an unparalleled probability, unfurling formula, moderately measured by math

Made possible by a million molecular miracles strung together by articulate arithmetic

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I am not even remotely a creative person, but this prompted me to write a poem for the first time since--maybe I was 8? So thank you.

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I love this, Amy -- brilliant prompt!!

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