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Christine Nicole Crowley. 💫✨💫My sister. I love and miss her forever. ❤️ I haven’t said her full name in a very long time. Thank you. xx

Also, when all three of my kids were teens (2 boys, one girl) I kept a large box of condoms in the basement bathroom cupboard and let them know they were free for the taking for them and any of their friends who might need them.

You’re a great mom, it’s obvious.😘

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There can’t be any doubt as to the kind of mom you are, Amy. ♥️

I don’t have the guts (yet) to write about new-to-me neuro and physical illness absolutely tanking my sexiness self worth. But I can say this: when I want to shine like the diamond I am, I turn to a dark, emerald green dress with long sleeves and a well-placed cut out under the bust. Embracing the earth tones on my earth sign body makes my features powerful. I love the feel of it. ✨

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