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what I know about love is there's so much I don't know about love I burned my lips licking love right out of the oven and coated her scar tissue with my lover's Revlon after exposing the darkened "unexplored territory" outlined on the mid-century pull-down wall map in my seventh grade classroom when I loved my platinum teacher she pushed me out onto the hallway for passing notes to Sharon Hajek during our lesson about Mark Hanna in Ohio history her face inches from mine I stared at the eyebrows she drew over porcelain skin that morning before driving to school to instruct pubescent boys manners instead of notes to pass I cried when she married a small town hero who drove a Corvette the coarse curls of his locks of hair waving from his hard chest in the convertible breeze taunting my pimpled attempt to warn his bride-to-be to change her mind I just know he will hurt you many times but I love you now stay

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